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The Advantages of the Luger over the Revolver

The advances and advantages of the automatic Borchardt-Luger in respect of the revolver were summed up as follows:

Faster shooting speed.

Automatic extraction of the cases.

The loading is quicker and easier – an important factor.

Possibility to use powder that produces very little smoke.

Gas loss nonexistent.

Superior precision.

Greater initial speed, more constant shooting path, and greater penetration of its target.

The kick, which is actually stronger, but less noticeable because of the pistol shock absorption, because of its larger area resting in the shooter’s hand, and finally because in the direction in which the kick occurs (on the horizontal plane).

The pistol gets dirty less easily, resulting in less work to clean the weapon after shooting.

Well-designed shape results in easier handling, and in good balance.

Foresight and aiming notch are similar to those of the revolver. The aiming line is better due to its larger length.

Good trigger, with safety handle.

Safety mechanism which is well understood, and which works on a constant basis.

The pistol can be correctly used with little training.

Disassembly and reassembly is just as easy as with that of the revolver.

Better protection against dust and water.

The only disadvantage of the weapon was in the fact that it was not possible to see if it was armed or not. However, out of the shooting stands, it was always considered armed. As for practice shooting, a mechanical safety mechanism was added to the automatic set-up already in place for added security. This small disadvantage was very minor in comparison with all the numerous and major advantages this pistol possessed.

The overall conclusion of the Commission was:
« The presented model having so many qualities, Switzerland can once again lead the way in armament progress! ».

Paul L. Regnier, Lausanne, Switzerland
(C) Copyright La Tabatière, 1998


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