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Armurier, Fusils, Pistolets, Revolvers, Lausanne Suisse

Collectors of luger firearms & automatic pistols.

Interested in the history of Luger and other early automatic pistols, I have researched and written several articles on the genre; on the Bergmann and « Le Français », for « La Gazette des armes » in 1981/82, and for the Swiss Arms Fair bulletin (1993). I have particularly specialized in the early years of the Luger automatics, and the Swiss trials that occurred between 1898 and 1899.

I began my pistol collection in France in 1975, and later moved to Switzerland in 1986 where I had the fortune to come across some very rare pieces – such as the No 6 prototype of the Borchardt-Luger. Hence the title of my web site and some of its content. Along with the Luger firearms for sale, the site is aimed at the specialist pistol collector interested in the many other trademark repeating pistols.

Although I have a shop in Lausanne Vaud in Switzerland open on appointment, I enjoy sharing my passion for early automatic pistols and hence, have put this site together to show some of the pieces available in my current private collection of interest to the specialist gun dealer and collector, and examples and photographs of those that have passed through my hands marked as ‘archives’.

As with any collector, at any one point in time, my collection will vary; some pieces I am willing to part with, and others I am interested in acquiring. So feel free to contact me, preferably by phone, or email, and we can discuss any mutual interests.