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L'article sur le Borchardt-Luger en francais (version originale)

Terms and Conditions of Firearm Sales


For pistols shooting any type of contemporaneous ammo, an exportation visa is required at your charge. An importation visa for the buyer is also required or an FFL member accreditation.

FFL (Firearms Licence):

This is required on all shipments of modern guns. We must wait for a signed-in-ink copy from your dealer before anything can be shipped to him. Pre-1898 firearms and no firearms are exempt of this requirement.

Import-Export Services:

I have licences and I will do the paperwork for such business, which takes time. Therefore plan on a 2-4 weeks minimum delay for the paperwork to be handled.

There are extra charges added for shipping and handling. Usually $20-50 per gun, less for larger quantities. Actual sale price must be specified on export forms. $500 minimum order. All export costs and import costs (if gun is returned) and any related costs-duty, storage, brokers fees, etc., are the responsibility of the buyer - no cash on delivery (C.O.D.) returns will be accepted. Please return by Air Parcel Post on overseas returns.

Payment Methods:

The following methods of payment are accepted:
• Cial Bank of Lausanne (1001 Lausanne), Switzerland.
• American Express credit card and VISA credit card.
• Money orders.
• Cheques* paid in Swiss francs or US dollars.
*Cashiers cheques or money orders are preferred. Personal cheques will delay your order 2 weeks while the cheque clears. Be aware that refunds on credit card purchases take extra time to process.


Every item is sold in good firing condition. Money will be cheerfully refunded on any item you are not happy with (exept layaways), but please call before returning an item. Returns must be made within 3 days of reception, and they must be in the same condition as received.

Further Information :

For any question or supplementary information, please feel free to contact me by email, or phone.
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