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L'article sur le Borchardt-Luger en francais (version originale)

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Swiss ordonnanz-Pistolen conversion boxSwiss ordonnanz-Pistolen conversion boxLienhard system, 6mm calibre for 50 metres, calibre 765 Parabellum Excellent, picture...600 €
Swiss luger 9 Para + holster 1929Swiss luger 9 Para + holster 1929very good condition, special 9mm holster 1929 only sale with the pistol ref. 516...xx
516 bis
Dague ORD SuisseDague ORD SuisseMagnifique dague ORD suisse de sous-officier, excellent état,...Sfr. 450
€ 400
Dague ORD SuisseDague ORD SuisseDague ORD suisse officier, fabriquée par SIG, excellent état, "MINT",...Sfr. 500
450 €
Dague Suisse 700 èmeDague Suisse 700 èmeDague commémorative du 700 ème aniverssaire de la confédération Suisse Marquages 700 Jahre Eidgenossenschaft +...908
Swiss Military Holster 1923Swiss Military Holster 1923J. SCHEIDEGGER, Bern 23.modified magazine pouch of the cover flap. for 1906 2nd model. no cross belt.1022
DWM 1900 Swiss Luger Army modelDWM 1900  Swiss Luger Army modelParabellum 1900 3rd Type condition: 99 % original blue, 99% straw, very good barrel, very good grips walnut, good maga...1901
Swiss Luger 1929 Bern Red GripsSwiss Luger 1929 Bern Red Gripscondition very good, very good red grips, very good bore, magazin with red botton, 98% original blue, excellent+...508
Swiss Luger W+F Bern 06/24 Type IISwiss Luger W+F Bern  06/24  Type IIExcellent bore, Very good condition, 99% blue, 99% straw,excellent grips, excellent bore, second type, side plate rein...509
Revolver 1882 Swiss Ord.Revolver 1882 Swiss Ord.1st Model 1882 octagonal barrel, not modified, serial number: 1-1500 Proofing: +O +WF BERN +v conditions: 95% origina...466
SIG P 210 Police de Lausanne SP 47/8 SIG P 210  Police de Lausanne SP 47/8 SIG P210 Police de Lausanne, Series 6000, marking S.P. 47/8 SIG, excellent condition, 98% Blue, very good bore, very goo...211
Luger Swiss mod. 06/24 W+FLuger Swiss mod. 06/24 W+F06/24 Waffenfabrik Bern, matching number, very good bore, good walnut grips, condition 90% blue, 95% straw + holster Ar...526
DWM 1906 Swiss MilitaryDWM 1906 Swiss Military1906 DWM military, crosse in sunburst, 98% blue, 98% straw, excellent bore, all matching number, good walnut grips, exce...506
Luger Swiss 06/24 W+F BernLuger Swiss 06/24 W+F Bern98 % blue, 95% straw, very good barrel, all matching number,walnut grips,left side of grips little break...507
Swiss Luger 06/24 W+F BernSwiss Luger 06/24 W+F Bern98% blue, 98% straw, all matching number, very good bore, excellent walnut grips, very good magazine, walnut button, mad...505
DWM 1900 Swiss Army ModelDWM 1900 Swiss Army ModelParabellum 1900, 4ème variante, toutes les pièces au même no. 95% bleu original, 95% jaune original, bel état général, b...1902

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