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L'article sur le Borchardt-Luger en francais (version originale)

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Holster 1929 PROTOTYPE in 9 mm ParaHolster 1929 PROTOTYPE in 9 mm ParaSpecial presentation Very nice fabrication Marking 1929 98% Magazine pouch Lateral High quality (for 1929 9mm para)...1200 Sfr
Swiss Military Holster 1940Swiss Military Holster 1940Military model Good Marking R. Friedli 1940 Special laquer shining brown 70%. For special Zoll or Police.150
Holster MilitaryHolster MilitaryModel 08 or 19/ (?) Very interesting model original cut Stamp Berlin 1917 Original manufacturing...$ 400
Swiss luger 9 Para + holster 1929Swiss luger 9 Para + holster 1929very good condition, special 9mm holster 1929 only sale with the pistol ref. 516...xx
516 bis
Swiss Military Holster 1923Swiss Military Holster 1923J. SCHEIDEGGER, Bern 23.modified magazine pouch of the cover flap. for 1906 2nd model. no cross belt.1022
Luger P 08 Hoster (Death's head)Luger P 08 Hoster (Death's head)No leather marking procurement Very very rare A death's head on the flap Very good SS Used by SS Guard camps 1933/34...1037
German military Holster ConvertedGerman military Holster ConvertedConverted from a model 1883 Reichs revolver; Very rare Stamp in the flap Signet: F. Bierenbreier Kehl a/RHM Ref. Karl Sc...1038
Holster 08 MilitaryHolster 08 Military...1039
Luger Holster navy model converted 1917Luger Holster navy model converted 1917For 6" barrel in the flap #3334 Very Good Brown granulated leather converted for belt loop use Ref Jan C Still Page 190...1043
Military P.38 HolsterMilitary P.38 HolsterStamp:P.38, CG 43, E/WaA 355. excellent condition.1100
Military Holster P.38Military Holster P.38Stamp: WaA 938, excellent condition.1101
1929 Special police1929 Special policeSpecial police Very very rare 100% Mint Ref coll. Horst Rutsch Page 244 Marking F. Andrist Mett Biel 66 (1966)...1029
Luger P 08 HolsterLuger P 08 HolsterLepzige Lederindustrie 1918 Dandzig Very good LZA H. Stettin x3 3 spamps LZA Very Interesting model...1034
Luger holster navy model converted Burle/strap cloLuger holster navy model converted Burle/strap cloFor 6" barrel No stamp No marking Good Black leather For 1916/1917 converted or weimar used reworked Jan c Still Page 16...1044

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