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L'article sur le Borchardt-Luger en francais (version originale)

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Swiss ordonnanz-Pistolen conversion boxSwiss ordonnanz-Pistolen conversion boxLienhard system, 6mm calibre for 50 metres, calibre 765 Parabellum Excellent, picture...600 €
Luger loading toolLuger loading toolWorld War II, stamp in gothic 100 €à 150 €
Sur demande détails
Luger cleaning rodsLuger cleaning rodsCleaning-rod pour P 08 Artillerie original ,insert en laiton ,et extrémité en laiton .tres bel état.380 €
Dust cover for snail drumDust cover for snail drum1st Model Card original reblue...1048
Adaptor for machine pistolAdaptor for machine pistolBergmann 18/01 adapter Good condition blank steel...1051
Canvas snail drum carrierCanvas snail drum carrierCarrier for Tromnel magasin Very very rare Excellent condition Ref Bender Page 276 Canvas cotton light grey blue...1053
Magazine only conversion kitMagazine only conversion kit#3259 a +E/117 +E/117 finition nickelé talon alu capacité 10 coups 22 LR...1064
1929 Military stamp1929 Military stampMilitary model; Lateral pouch, Very very nice 100% F. Burri Reichenbach 1963 Pistol 1929 9mm. Para #p.25.885 Police of B...1030
Akah Germany 06/34Akah Germany 06/34Special Swiss model + Loading tools Swiss cross Super rare Akah logo 100% Mint Ref. Horst Rutsch page 242...1031

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