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L'article sur le Borchardt-Luger en francais (version originale)

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Revolver Smith & Wesson Mod. 27/2, Texas Ranger.Revolver Smith & Wesson Mod. 27/2, Texas Ranger.Steel, special engraved hand, for the celebrated Texas Rangers, signed; TEXAS RANGERS DOYLE HOLDRIDGE + initial DH, spec...stolen, volée, volata, gestohlen
Luger 17-20 Navy / Police ConvertedLuger 17-20 Navy / Police ConvertedParabellum converted Police: on base Navy model DWM 1917/1920, chiwy Sicherung + Walther Sicherung, original PTV Simpso...Sfr. 2000 € 1800
SIG P 210 Police de Lausanne SP 47/8 SIG P 210  Police de Lausanne SP 47/8 SIG P210 Police de Lausanne, Series 6000, marking S.P. 47/8 SIG, excellent condition, 98% Blue, very good bore, very goo...211

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