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L'article sur le Borchardt-Luger en francais (version originale)

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Holster 1929 PROTOTYPE in 9 mm ParaHolster 1929 PROTOTYPE in 9 mm ParaSpecial presentation Very nice fabrication Marking 1929 98% Magazine pouch Lateral High quality (for 1929 9mm para)...1200 Sfr
Swiss Military Holster 1940Swiss Military Holster 1940Military model Good Marking R. Friedli 1940 Special laquer shining brown 70%. For special Zoll or Police.150 €
Canon pour conversion artilleryCanon pour conversion artilleryNo number, 22 calibre Rare barrel conversion artillery 8"1/2 White polished Good bore Pour P08 Artillerie Très bon état...300 €
Luger loading toolLuger loading toolWorld War II, stamp in gothic 100 €à 150 €
Sur demande détails
Luger cleaning rodsLuger cleaning rodsCleaning-rod pour P 08 Artillerie original ,insert en laiton ,et extrémité en laiton .tres bel état.380 €
SIG P.210 Swiss ORD (misc)SIG P.210 Swiss ORD (misc)First military model 1949. Wood grips, horizontal grooves. Serial no. from A 100001 to 107210. Condition: 99% blue, good...SOLD
Luger conversion boxLuger conversion boxPerfect reproduction box walnut for converted luger 22 LR.
500 €
parts 08/36 cutawayparts 08/36 cutawayPièces de luger cutaway persian model 1936 contract...
400 €
Luger Navy CleaningLuger Navy CleaningCommercial military model, 4 inches, steel, small loop, excellent condition, stamp nb, military World War II...1077
Luger take down toolLuger take down toolSight adjusting tool for Luger artillery, Georges Machtelinckx (Belgium) collection, ref. Bender page 280...1078
Luger loading toolLuger loading toolWorld War II E/GSS, original, excellent condition...1079
Luger loading toolLuger loading toolWeimar stamp, stamp #175...1081
Luger loading toolLuger loading toolOriginal model - No Markings...1082
Luger cleaning rodsLuger cleaning rods9 inch artillery, original walnut wood, gothic script lettering for the stamp, good condition...1089
Navy Ou Marine Mle 1920 LaitonNavy  Ou Marine Mle 1920 Laiton7 inch Navy similar, original type, Navy cross in brass, rare, #5493 or 95, no Navy stamp. or Navy weimar?1090
Sig P.210/1Sig P.210/198% original blue, very good barrel, very good wood grips, 2 magazines shining blue.463
Holster P.08 Military 1916Holster P.08 Military 1916Stamp: SATTLER ? HANNOVER 1916, good condition.1102
Luger P.08 Holster (Death Head)Luger P.08 Holster (Death Head)No Leather marking Procurement, very very rare A Death Head on the flap, Very good condition. Originating from SS Guard...1103
Luger artillery 1917Luger artillery 1917Very good condition...513
Swiss Luger Model 1929 .9 ParaSwiss Luger Model  1929 .9 ParaSwiss Model 1929 special serial 9mm, very RARE original model; condition 98% blue, very good bore + original holster 19...516

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