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L'article sur le Borchardt-Luger en francais (version originale)

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Mauser Siderlatch SpecialMauser Siderlatch SpecialMINT Wespi Signature #951 Special Grips Special cross-hair. Light & batteries. Ancestor of the "red dot" laser system.
2500 €
Mauser Expérinental 06 / 08  Mauser  Expérinental  06 / 08 Pistolet Mauser experimental, modèle 06/08, N° 17 condition: bon état , cal. DWM 487. A 9x21 série experimental standar...Sur demande
On request
Mauser Magazine 06-08 Capacity 6 shotsMauser Magazine 06-08 Capacity 6 shotsSee Picture...0103
Luger P.08 Mauser persian Luger P.08 Mauser persianmanufactured by Mauser for military contract sales to Iran. Special serial artillery = 1000 expl. serial number: 3001-4...519
Luger P.08 Persian contractLuger P.08 Persian contractManufactured by Mauser for military contract sales to Iran. Estimated total 979 expl. serial range: 2022-3000 conditio...520
Luger P.08 Artillery PersianLuger P.08 Artillery Persianmanufactured by Mauser for military contract in 1936 sales to Iran. Special serial artillery = "1000" expl. Serial range...521
Mauser C96 MilitaryMauser C96 MilitaryBarrel length 5.5 in :140 mm Rear sight: marked 50:500 mt:grips:24 grove a large Number 9 red; Safety:second type; Ham...301
STOCK for C 96 MauserSTOCK  for C 96 MauserVery original stock walnut, military modèle . marking acceptance stamp in the wood.1065
P.08 Luger Mauser S/42 1937P.08 Luger Mauser S/42 1937condition 98% black Mauser, good barrel, matching number, perfect new walnut grips, magazine black extruded type 2/1001...522
P.08 Luger Banner 42 PoliceP.08 Luger  Banner 42 PoliceCondition 80% original black Mauser, picking on side-plate, barrel, trigger, frame and receiver, general mini picking, n...523
Luger P O8 MAUSER BANNER CommercialLuger P O8  MAUSER BANNER  CommercialMauser Banner commercial E/N,very very nice ++ very good bore, magazine # 978, blank chamber, no suffix serial range, w...524
Mauser Experimental 1910/12 Patent #53098 of July 28th 1910Mauser Experimental 1910/12 Patent #53098 of July 28th 1910Very Very Rare Original Blank Polish Excellent Bore Excellent Mechanic Excellent Markings Frame...0109
Mauser 06/08 Scale model (1:2) Leon CrottetMauser 06/08 Scale model (1:2) Leon Crottet100% MINT in case + accessories. Modèle de réf. Pistolet de la collection . Paul Regnier PROTOTYPE No 3 expérimental 9...0106
Mauser 06-08 Pat. #198894 of 09/21/1907Mauser 06-08 Pat. #198894 of 09/21/190795% Good Grips Good Bore Prototype extremly RARE...608 bis
Luger Mauser GNR Portuguese 1934:Luger Mauser GNR Portuguese 1934:Mauser "banner" on front link Type 1934 : Frame without stock lug. Good Barrel 4,3/4 " Extractor: "CARREGADA" Safety...511
Luger Artillery Mauser Banner Commercial proofLuger Artillery  Mauser Banner Commercial   proofManufacturing 1936/42. Type Mauser Commercial 1934 Very good Barrel: 98% blue (black Mauser) Estimated total unknown,...512

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