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L'article sur le Borchardt-Luger en francais (version originale)

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Barrel BERGMANN #3Barrel BERGMANN #3C/U 278 Good Bore code B: original Blue sous le canon S 22 Le deuxième est vendu...1200 €
Barrel BERGMANN #3Barrel BERGMANN #340% Blue C/U 278 No 60 Type sans extracteur premier type...611
Bergmann Mod. 1894/96Bergmann Mod. 1894/96Mod. 1894 Without extractor Condition: in original case with accessories, 98% original blue, excellent barrel, 98% st...600
BERGMANN #5 Mod. 1897 first modelBERGMANN #5 Mod. 1897 first modelVERY RARE 95% Blue Excellent Bore Excellent Grips (Brown) A few pikings over 1cm2...602
BERGMANN Engraved in gold Model 1896BERGMANN Engraved in gold Model 1896100% MINT Condition. In case + clips, cartridges + accessories.601
BERGMANN #5 Mod. 1897 second modelBERGMANN #5 Mod. 1897 second modelVERY RARE 98% Blue, Excellent Bore and Grips (Black) Good condition.603
BERGMANN #2 + Clips cartridge 1894 BabyBERGMANN #2 + Clips cartridge 1894 BabyVERY RARE 80% Blue, Good Grips and Bore, Hammer + Sight...604
BERGMAN #2 Baby 1896BERGMAN #2 Baby 1896RARE 98% Blue; Excellent Grips and Bore.605
BERGMANN Simplex first modelBERGMANN Simplex first modelRARE 15% Bleu Good Bore Good Grips...606
BERGMANN #3 1896BERGMANN #3 189699% MINT Excellent condition Barrel very nice...608
BERGMANN #2 Baby 1896BERGMANN #2 Baby 189695% Blue with light pitting on side plate.607
BERGMANN #3 1896BERGMANN #3 189698% MINT Excellent condition...609
BERGMANN #3 1896 Engraved Damas silver and goldBERGMANN #3 1896 Engraved Damas silver and gold10% Blueing - for restoration.610
Bergmann Mars 1903Bergmann Mars 1903Bergmann Mars 1903 Magazine # 588...612

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