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CZ Model 50 Special OSS TchèqueCZ Model 50 Special OSS TchèquePistol personal of Ilitch RAMIREZ SANCHEZ (ALIAS) CARLOS TERRORIST...prix sur demande
Colt Prototype Pattern Room EnfieldColt Prototype Pattern Room EnfieldPistol white polish, without horse in side receiver, difference in the writing of markings of licence, no stamp (Wilkins...prix sur demande
Colt Savage Arms CorporationColt Savage Arms CorporationProduct A.J.SAVAGE, Ordonnance bomb inspector stamp surrounding the letter S to the right side of the slide, roll mark,...Sur demande
Colt 1902 round HammerColt 1902 round Hammer...
Colt ACE TargetColt ACE TargetCondition: excellent, 100% blue original finish. Marking: colt's PT.F.MFG.Hartford.conn.U.S.A.454
Colt Single Action ArmyColt Single Action Army100% original finish, Very good marking, very good frame jasper, very good bakelite grips, eagle horse.455
Colt USG Mod.NavyColt  USG Mod.NavyIn case + accessories, Ulysses S. Grant Commemorative nineteen seventy one, condition: 100% original Mint, Jasper frame...456
Colt Government Model RAFColt Government Model RAFStandard RAF issue with standard British markings, inspected and proofed at Colt by british inspector G.W.R. Stedman, in...459
Colt MK IV serie 80Colt MK IV serie 80Combat Governement model,Colt,PT. F.A.MFG.CO.CONN.U.S.A condition: mint, 99% blue,grips Colt Pachmayr, with one magazine...461 Bis
Colt 45 1911 A1Colt 45 1911 A1Classic Colt United State Property M 1911 A1 U.S. Army, parkerised 97%,magazine L,very good plastic grips, very good bar...468
REMINGTON (Colt) 1911A1REMINGTON (Colt) 1911A1Remington 1911 A1 Ware production (1945) 2134404/2244803 :110,400 expl/very good marking Remington rand inc.syracuse.N.464
Colt Prototype US Test 1907Colt Prototype US Test 1907Prototype Test US 1906 - 1907 Km Military inspection mark Grip safety 207 Expl. Reblue Brilliant black Very good grips,...706
RAF Colt 1911RAF Colt 1911Colt RAF 1911 Government Model condition: 50% blue, good barrel, original magazin dual ton, 455 Eley stamp, good waln...451
1911 A1 45 Remington1911 A1 45 RemingtonRemington Siracuse N.Y.USA United Property M.1911 A1 U.S. Army, parkerised 98%, plastic grips good condition, very good...463

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