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L'article sur le Borchardt-Luger en francais (version originale)

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Tube conversion unit onlyTube conversion unit onlyLienard system Cal 4mm. For 4" 7.65 Cal Very good barrel Very good blueing...120 Sfr
100 €
Barrel only conversionBarrel only conversionKarl Erhars., white RWS, good, barrel 6" 1/4, 4mm calibre type 6...200 SFR
Wits carrying pouch, complete, 1900/1906, SwissWits carrying pouch, complete, 1900/1906, Swiss1900, 1900/1906/1924 brass model, with Swiss stamp. Complete pouch with aluminum, grease, original container, cleaning k... 180 €
Détais sur demande
Cleaning kits only, Swiss armyCleaning kits only, Swiss armyKit entretient pour parabellum 1900 et 1906 et aussi pour revolver 1882...60 € en laiton
80 € en acier
Cleaning kit, model 1949, SwissCleaning kit, model 1949, SwissFor sig. P. 210, calibre .9 Parabellum, 1958/1960 Erla marking, very good condition, 5 brass pieces, complete...60 Sfr Non datée
80 € Daté de 1949 à 1958
SIG P.210 Swiss ORD (misc)SIG P.210 Swiss ORD (misc)First military model 1949. Wood grips, horizontal grooves. Serial no. from A 100001 to 107210. Condition: 99% blue, good...SOLD
Colt Savage Arms CorporationColt Savage Arms CorporationProduct A.J.SAVAGE, Ordonnance bomb inspector stamp surrounding the letter S to the right side of the slide, roll mark,...Sur demande
Colt 1902 round HammerColt 1902 round Hammer...
parts 08/36 cutawayparts 08/36 cutawayPièces de luger cutaway persian model 1936 contract...
400 €
Mauser Magazine 06-08 Capacity 15 shotsMauser Magazine 06-08 Capacity 15 shotsMauser magazine 06/08...0105
Luger P 08 Hoster (Death's head)Luger P 08 Hoster (Death's head)No leather marking procurement Very very rare A death's head on the flap Very good SS Used by SS Guard camps 1933/34...1037
German military Holster ConvertedGerman military Holster ConvertedConverted from a model 1883 Reichs revolver; Very rare Stamp in the flap Signet: F. Bierenbreier Kehl a/RHM Ref. Karl Sc...1038
Holster 08 MilitaryHolster 08 Military...1039
Luger Holster navy model converted 1917Luger Holster navy model converted 1917For 6" barrel in the flap #3334 Very Good Brown granulated leather converted for belt loop use Ref Jan C Still Page 190...1043
Luger Navy stockLuger Navy stockCommercial model No stamp in the steel attachment Very very good Commercial stock Stamp little M matching stock...1045
LepageLepage...700 bis
Adaptor for machine pistolAdaptor for machine pistolBergmann 18/01 adapter Good condition blank steel...1051
Adaptor for machine pistolAdaptor for machine pistolBergmann 18/01 adapter Good condition paint black...1052
Canvas snail drum carrierCanvas snail drum carrierCarrier for Tromnel magasin Very very rare Excellent condition Ref Bender Page 276 Canvas cotton light grey blue...1053
Box conversion unit for Swiss parabellumBox conversion unit for Swiss parabellumGlaser model 1920 Cal 4mm. Salon Signet Type 6 rws 1920 Picture parabellum rose Picture Präzion-Zimmer-Schiessen Good bo...1056
Box conversion unit for Swiss parabellumBox conversion unit for Swiss parabellumMüller model in Zurich 1920 Cal. 4mm. For 4" 3/4 =Cal 7.65 Picture Gewehr und pistolen vebungsläufchen Müller system Box...1057
Box conversion unit for Swiss parabellumBox conversion unit for Swiss parabellumLienard system Cal 4mm. For 4" 3/4 7.65 Cal Picture box Lerne Schiessen mit universal matchappa rat Box complete + Acces...1058
Official Swiss army front sight installerOfficial Swiss army front sight installerHofmann, Neuchatel, very rare model, very good,...1069
Original Swiss comercialized version of the MuzzleOriginal Swiss comercialized version of the MuzzleFor 1900/1906 pistol, Swiss Parabellum, for calibre 7,65mm, original marking, rare, H. Luthy, Armes Neuchatel, patented...1070
Luger Navy CleaningLuger Navy CleaningNavy model, 7,25 inch, tonnelet walnut wood, brass sides, Navy stamp nb, excellent condition...1074
Luger Navy CleaningLuger Navy CleaningNavy model, 7,25 inch, tonnelet walnut wood, brass sides, Navy stamp nb, excellent condition...1075
Luger Navy CleaningLuger Navy CleaningCommercial model, 1908, 4 inches, large loop type, rare steel model, excellent condition...1076
Luger Navy CleaningLuger Navy CleaningCommercial military model, 4 inches, steel, small loop, excellent condition, stamp nb, military World War II...1077
Luger take down toolLuger take down toolSight adjusting tool for Luger artillery, Georges Machtelinckx (Belgium) collection, ref. Bender page 280...1078
Luger loading toolLuger loading toolWorld War II E/GSS, original, excellent condition...1079
Luger loading toolLuger loading toolWeimar stamp, stamp #175...1081
Luger loading toolLuger loading toolOriginal model - No Markings...1082
Cleaning rods, Parabellum, 1906/1908Cleaning rods, Parabellum, 1906/1908Simillar to the Portuguese model, continuation oiler and cleaning kid, brass, excellent condition...1087
Luger cleaning rodsLuger cleaning rods9 inch artillery, original walnut wood, gothic script lettering for the stamp, good condition...1089
Navy Ou Marine Mle 1920 LaitonNavy  Ou Marine Mle 1920 Laiton7 inch Navy similar, original type, Navy cross in brass, rare, #5493 or 95, no Navy stamp. or Navy weimar?1090
Swiss Luger W+F Bern 06/24 Type IISwiss Luger W+F Bern  06/24  Type IIExcellent bore, Very good condition, 99% blue, 99% straw,excellent grips, excellent bore, second type, side plate rein...509
Bergmann Mod. 1894/96Bergmann Mod. 1894/96Mod. 1894 Without extractor Condition: in original case with accessories, 98% original blue, excellent barrel, 98% st...600
Colt ACE TargetColt ACE TargetCondition: excellent, 100% blue original finish. Marking: colt's PT.F.MFG.Hartford.conn.U.S.A.454
Colt Single Action ArmyColt Single Action Army100% original finish, Very good marking, very good frame jasper, very good bakelite grips, eagle horse.455
Colt USG Mod.NavyColt  USG Mod.NavyIn case + accessories, Ulysses S. Grant Commemorative nineteen seventy one, condition: 100% original Mint, Jasper frame...456
Starr arms co. D.A. 1858 Army revolverStarr arms co. D.A. 1858 Army revolverMade c. late 1850s early 1860s quantity 23.000, barrel 6": very good, walnut grips, military stamp, condition: 85% blue...458
JO-LO-AR (misc)JO-LO-AR (misc)Pair of Pistols JO-LO-AR Consecutively numbered, special order for USA cal. 45 ACP, Very rare models, condition: 99% o...459
Swiss Revolver Ord.1882Swiss Revolver Ord.1882Ordnance 1882, series 20001 - 37254 wood grips, condition 98% blue, 60% straw, good barrel.460
Swiss Revolver Ord 1882/29Swiss Revolver Ord 1882/29Production 1933->1946, from 50000-68229, condition: mint, red bakelite grips.461
Revolver SA DakotaRevolver SA DakotaProduction: Hammerli (Switzerland), 5,5" barrel, mint condition, very good barrel, hammer and safety.462
Military P.38 HolsterMilitary P.38 HolsterStamp:P.38, CG 43, E/WaA 355. excellent condition.1100
Military Holster P.38Military Holster P.38Stamp: WaA 938, excellent condition.1101
Holster P.08 Military 1916Holster P.08 Military 1916Stamp: SATTLER ? HANNOVER 1916, good condition.1102
Luger P.08 Holster (Death Head)Luger P.08 Holster (Death Head)No Leather marking Procurement, very very rare A Death Head on the flap, Very good condition. Originating from SS Guard...1103
Colt Government Model RAFColt Government Model RAFStandard RAF issue with standard British markings, inspected and proofed at Colt by british inspector G.W.R. Stedman, in...459
Colt MK IV serie 80Colt MK IV serie 80Combat Governement model,Colt,PT. F.A.MFG.CO.CONN.U.S.A condition: mint, 99% blue,grips Colt Pachmayr, with one magazine...461 Bis
Luger artillery Erfurt 1914Luger artillery Erfurt 1914Very very good condition, RARE model in this condition, 98% blue...514
Trommelmagazin (TM 08)Trommelmagazin (TM 08)condition very very nice, stamp B/N + scriptic C / Gothic second model, 98% original blue...1049
Revolver 1882 Swiss Ord.Revolver 1882 Swiss Ord....465
Revolver 1882 Swiss Ord.Revolver 1882 Swiss Ord.Model 1882 commercial model Serial number préfix P. conditions: 95% original blue, 50% straw, good bore, good backelit...468
Luger DWM 1906 Swiss ArmyLuger DWM 1906 Swiss ArmyPistol Luger Parabellum model 1906, cross in shield, manufactured by DWM military contract to Switzerland, Condition:...518
Mauser C96 MilitaryMauser C96 MilitaryBarrel length 5.5 in :140 mm Rear sight: marked 50:500 mt:grips:24 grove a large Number 9 red; Safety:second type; Ham...301
P.08 Luger Mauser S/42 1937P.08 Luger Mauser S/42 1937condition 98% black Mauser, good barrel, matching number, perfect new walnut grips, magazine black extruded type 2/1001...522
Swiss Army SIG P .210.1Swiss Army  SIG  P .210.1P 210 swiss Army Model 49 SIG Excellent condition , very good bore , 98 % Original Blue + 1 Magasin + Holster army...525
Mauser 06/08 Scale model (1:2) Leon CrottetMauser 06/08 Scale model (1:2) Leon Crottet100% MINT in case + accessories. Modèle de réf. Pistolet de la collection . Paul Regnier PROTOTYPE No 3 expérimental 9...0106
Gabbett-Fairfax Mars Pistols Model 1901Gabbett-Fairfax Mars Pistols Model 190198% Blue 95% Straw Very good Bore Very good Grips Excellent Magazine...401
Gabbett-Fairfax Mars Pistol Model 1900Gabbett-Fairfax Mars Pistol Model 190099% Blue 98% Straw Excellent Bore Excellent Grips Excellent Magazine...402
1929 Special police1929 Special policeSpecial police Very very rare 100% Mint Ref coll. Horst Rutsch Page 244 Marking F. Andrist Mett Biel 66 (1966)...1029
1929 Military stamp1929 Military stampMilitary model; Lateral pouch, Very very nice 100% F. Burri Reichenbach 1963 Pistol 1929 9mm. Para #p.25.885 Police of B...1030
Akah Germany 06/34Akah Germany 06/34Special Swiss model + Loading tools Swiss cross Super rare Akah logo 100% Mint Ref. Horst Rutsch page 242...1031
Luger P 08 HolsterLuger P 08 HolsterLepzige Lederindustrie 1918 Dandzig Very good LZA H. Stettin x3 3 spamps LZA Very Interesting model...1034
Repeating pistol Schlegelmilch mod 1891Repeating pistol Schlegelmilch mod 1891Very good condition 90% original finish Good function...205
P.38 (misc)P.38   (misc)P.38 SVW 45 Stamp E/BH + French star 'Gendarme' Good conditions Grips Still...001
DWM 1906 Swiss Luger cross in SunburstDWM 1906 Swiss Luger cross in Sunburstcondition,98% original blue, 98% straw, all matching number, notch rear sight modified U, made 1906-1908, total 4000...507
Sturmgewehr MP43 (misc)Sturmgewehr MP43 (misc)Very good condition, original blue; 95%, good bore, matching number except bore; #1637 b, excellent stock walnut #2224 h...003
Swiss Luger Model 1929 .9 ParaSwiss Luger Model  1929 .9 ParaSwiss Model 1929 special serial 9mm, very RARE original model; condition 98% blue, very good bore + original holster 19...516

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